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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Advantages of Using Computers

Assalamua’laikum WRT

In this 3rd post I would like to share about the 1st chapter in CSC134, Introduction to Computers, the Advantages of Using Computers. I am glad if these questions come out at the examination because it is simple to remember if we make some formula. At the end of this paragraph I will share with you some tips how to make a concise formula.

Advantages of Using Computers

The benefits from using computers are possible because computers have the advantages of speed, reliability, consistency, storage, and communications.

Speed: When data, instructions, and information flow along electronic circuits in a computer, they travel at incredibly fast speeds. Many computers process billions or trillions of operations in a single second.

Reliability: The electronic components in modern computers are dependable and reliable because they rarely break or fail.

Consistency: Given the same input and processes, a computer will produce the same results – consistently. Computers generate error-free results, provided the input is correct and the instructions work.

Storage: Computers store enormous amounts of data and make this data available for processing anytime it is needed.

Communications: Most computers today can communicate with other computers, often wirelessly. Computers allow users to communicate with one another.

My simple tip on making formula, basically, my formula is very simple but if you do all the past year question you will remember what the means by every letter of the formula that I have given in this post. The explanation of every point you have to come out on your own based from what you understand by the point and you need to learn how to concise every point. That what I do =) Hope this formula may help you to remember.

For advantages of using computer is Sr CSC.

S = Speed – flow data, travel at incredibly fast speeds.
R = Reliability – dependable and reliable cause they rarely break or fail.
C = Consistency – given some input and processes, produce same results – consistently.
S = Storage – store enormous or huge amounts data and available anytime needed.
C = Communications – can communicate wirelessly with one another.


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