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Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Do not expect a perfection from me.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

I hate this kinda of feeling..
I am not mad..
But i'm shock...
Totally sadness..

I have been through a lot of hard time..
I had so much lost...and things that i love..
And i'm afraid to face any conflict that suddenly appear occur in my life..
I'm not living in the past...i ain't..

"That too shall past if i continue to take massive and constructive action."

I motivate myself..hoping that things will get better..
Cause i know..
I will learn from mistake..
Not I'm trying to be perfect...
But to FIX recover from the pain..
I hate being judge by other..
That too psycho..
Too much...

Believing in Allah faith..
Believing me...
Just like i did to you..
I'm a believer in Allah will..
How bout you?

Cause that too shall past if i continue to believing in Him..

But now,
I'm standing at here..
The present..

With a lot of hopes..
The needs of interdependence..
We should rely on each other..
You should know better...

#mood : need some motivation, need someone :'(

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