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Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Crying with the smile... Be strong girl..!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Things happen we dont have control over it, aite?

There a story behind the story..
Know what i means???
Everybody want to know behind the story..
But what behind the story???
Sometimes we wanted to know it so badly...
Sometimes we must follow what your heart says..
Yes, we follow our heart says...

But hey!
Our mind must filter it..
Either you follow heart says of needs or desire???
In other words..
Good or Bad???

"less u know is the better"

So, i let it past...
Please, do not disturb me anymore..

When i comes to this situation..
I know Allah calling me...
I would like to cry now...
Things will get better...

I know i can face it..!
And i know i can do it..!
Cry now, things will be better..
Crying with the smile..
Because you miss Allah...
Crying with the hopes, believe and prepare for the future..
It will be better..believe in Allah..
He always call and waiting for you..
Dont be sad..
He's here...The Almighty..
He always does..
The tears showing that you really miss Him..our creator..our God... 
Allah azza wa jalla..

~ La Tahzan

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