"CINTA yang dibina bukan cinta kosong tapi cinta yang punya pengertian
cinta yang luhur dan hanya dapat dirasakan dengan JIWA yang bersih

Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan

Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan


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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Does heart stop beating or we just stop counting???

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dear heart,

Woman. So unpredictable, so does her heart. She can be independent or dependent.

Woman reflect her man.

Don't take them for granted.

The pain will change her.

Affection. Attention. Where is goes?

Nikah is not something that you can easily apply it. It has certain rules.

Learn to understand it.  Love is just not enough when you put Allah aside.

We better start counting the day to meet Him and counting all the bless rather than to be stay in your safe zone. It dangerous.

Leave me in His faith.


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