"CINTA yang dibina bukan cinta kosong tapi cinta yang punya pengertian
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Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan

Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan


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Friday, 18 October 2013

Note From A Friends...

"Get to know people,
Find new friends,
May you find someone who make you happy dear...

We cant never erase the from the memory,
But life goes on,
The past cant never be undo,
The people never be return,
They might have memory about you,
But did they will return?
Even sometimes when the memory comes,
You realize that you have a better future....

You will see the brighter path of future comes along,
A new day has come,
A new memory being create,
The old memory will fade away,
Dont be sad my dear friends,
The better choice is in your hand..."

~ Anna

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