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Biarkan waktu berputar seiring waktu berjalan


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Monday, 11 July 2016

Dear Son,


You may not know how things going on back then,
So do i, son.

I am so nobody into their past life.

My faith and daddy came after that.

This is my first time seeing you in front my eyes,
I don't know how to express it,

Everything is so new to me,
And i am not gonna says mine but
i am writing this for you and you need to know about daddy.

Maybe this written never read or will be read 10 to 15 years later? or even more. perhaps.

Please know that Daddy really love you so much,
Ummi can see, in his loving eyes.

Time and his energy to meet you just a day.
A day is not enough darling.
Seeing his smile while playing with you..
Is the happier moment in his life.

I never mentions it in front daddy,
cause i know he missing you every single minute. and i don't he feel the pain to

Dear son,

Please know that daddy never give up on you,
He do whatever it takes just to see you
No matter how far you are
No matter what it takes.

How do i know it?
Because i can see on his eyes everyday i woke up in the morning.


*know that you choose to call me Ummi. 4 years old son, and you are so amazing clever boy!

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